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Yes, I realize that it's Friday and I missed Writing Wednesdays again. I APOLOGIZE OKAY. I WAS SICK. *sticks tongue out* Oh, wait, there's a smiley for that...

Anywho, I have another blog post for yooou! I was talking to my friend Annika (TWO 'N'S OKAY PINKY I DID IT THIS TIME) about how incredibly underloved pyrokinetics are. Seriously, think about it. There are, like, none in canon fiction. And when there are, they're, like, evil and stuff. Fire is not evil, okay? It represents hope and fierceness! At least, it did in Lord of the Flies. Not that anybody wants to revisit that book...

Right, so, I've decided to list my favorite pyrokinetics! Oh, by the way, pyrokinetics are wonderful people who can control fire with their minds. (And it's PYROKINETIC, not TELEPYRIC. I mean, I bet they're both right, but pyrokinetic sounds cooler.) There are some limitations considering-- some can only control it when a flame is present, some can only go for a short amount of time, some can use their hands and others can light separate things or places on fire-- but they all have it to some extent. By the way, there may be some spoilers if you haven't read the books or seen the show of those characters I'm about to list, so... don't blame me if you're spoiled and you don't like it. xD My top five, in no particular order, are:

Philip "Torchie" Grieg:
 Hidden Talents/True Talents
So I don't know if I ever told you, but I'm a sucker for those "innocent-as-a-puppy" guys. They're just soooo cute, and Torchie is no exception! Actually, he's one of my favorites, because his power is so friggin' destructive but he wouldn't hurt a fly. You might not know him-- he's from a two-book series about supernatural kids that I stumbled across in middle school. One of my favorites. You should check it out, forseriously!
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Come on now, you know this one. Zuko's the exiled prince of the Fire Nation, which means he's got BAMF firebending skills. I love Zuko so much because you could always tell he had a soft side, and when he joined Aang and the others I was like, "YES I KNEW YOU WEREN'T EVIL!" So that made me happy. 'Course, dude's got an attitude problem but that doesn't necessarily mean he's evil, right? Plus it helps that he's cute. (I think him and Katara made a better couple than Katara and Aang, but whatever, to each his own).
Leo Valdez:
Heroes of Olympus
Another famous pyrokinetic, although he's a bit underloved in the series. I love Leo so much because for one thing, controlling fire is rare and dangerous and that singles Leo out for being special (not that he wasn't already being Sammy Valdez's great-times-whatever relative and the spitting image of Hazel's old boyfriend). Also, he's Latino. And he's trilingual. Well... is Morse Code a language? You get what I mean. He's a runner (one of my favorite types of characters) and ADHD (I find it more prominent in him... and cuter) and is freaking hilarious. I seriously love him. He's one of my favorite fictional characters of all time.
You don't know her, because the book hasn't been published (yet), but this chick is the ultimate back-talking, baddie-taunting, sweet-and-sour Australian queen of battle humor. Her pyrokinetic powers are a bit different than others'-- like, her skin burns you, for one thing. Poor girl's always gotta wear gloves. But she's funny, wicked awesome in a fight, and is about as talkative as a jackrabbit. Definitely one of my favorites. (Also created by my friend Elyse, so no stealing (not that I would think you guys would haha)).
Lucky Freeman:
The Lucky One
Oh come on, how can I not include my own pyrokinetic? Lucky's a seraphim, an angel with amazing flame-controlling powers! 'Course, that makes for a really inconvenient disability when Lucky gets angry, or excited, or basically any other extreme emotion, 'cause then his hands spontaneously combust and he has a hard time explaining it to regular mortals such as ourselves (although I would totally understand).
So there you have it: my favorite fictional pyrokinetics. There may be more (I didn't really look anybody up). Who are your favorites? Anyone I missed?

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