Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Soundtrack to My Life!

I'm a music lover, plain and simple. So when somebody posted this on their profile on, I had to try it out! Sooo, Getting to Know You, part deux!

Opening Credits: We Weren't Born to Follow - Bon Jovi
Waking Up: Beautiful Day - Coldplay
First Day of School: Unwritten - Natasha Beddingfield
Making Your New Best Friend: Gift of a Friend - Demi Lovato
Falling in Love: Can't Hurry Love - Phil Collins
Breaking Up: Stronger - Kelly Clarkson
Missing You: My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson
Prom: Can I Have This Dance? - Vanessa Hudgens/Zac Efron
Graduation: High School Never Ends - Bowling for Soup
Life's Okay: Stand - Rascal Flatts
Death of a Close Friend: Bye Bye - Mariah Carey
Mental Breakdown: Disturbia - Rihanna
Driving: Life if a Highway - Rascal Flatts
Flashback: Butterfly Kisses - Bobby Carlisle
Getting Back Together: All Over Again - Big Time Rush
Birth of a Child: Never Grow Up - Taylor Swift
Wedding Scene: Forever and Always - Shania Twain
Car Accident: Bring Me To Life - Evanescance
Final Battle: This is War - 30 Seconds to Mars
Death Scene: Next to You - Chris Brown/Justin Bieber
Funeral Song: What I've Done - Linkin Park
End Credits: Elevate - Big Time Rush

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Whole World in Our Hands

It's been a seriously inspirational weekend, hasn't it? First it was the GLSEN and LGBT Day of Silence, then Stop KONY: Cover the Night, and now Earth Day. I'm an inspirational person, see-- it helps when you feel like the rest of your life is going down the drain. Never underestimate determined people in large numbers.

Earth Day is one of my favorites, especially with the sun poking out in lil' ol' Seattle. The air's clean... ish... and the sky's blue... It's a day to get outside and appreciate the land we live on! Okay, so I might be a bit of a hypocrite. I am typing this up on my computer, inside, after all. But right after I finish typing this short, somewhat inspiring post about Earth Day, I'm going out to walk my dogs and enjoy whatever sunshine I can gather.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Bad, the Worse, and the Crazy

You know what I love? Villains. Being a total action-adventure lover, villains are a must and in my mind, there are four types:

The Crazzies: Male or female, these people-- humans or otherwise-- are driven by one thing and one thing only. Be it revenge or world domination is up to you. That thought consumes regard for human life, empathy, and even self preservation (why do you think they keep accidentally kill themselves at the end of the book?).

The Calm, Cool, and Collected: The "leader", usually of a group of baddies (but not always), who never freaks out no matter how bad (or good) the situation gets. They almost never mess up and know exactly what they're doing. They're in control, suave, confident-- until their plans are foiled, anyways.

The Ones Behind the Curtains: The ones usually controlling the "front" bad guy (usually one of the Calm, Cool, and Collected variety). They're smart, patient, and sometimes a little off their rockers-- in other words, they might just be the scariest, so watch out, heroic characters!

The Soft-Hearted: More likely than not, there's at least one baddie (usually just one) who is more or less unwilling to do their job 'cause they actually have a soul in there (and are more or less willing to help a protagonist out when they've been captured-- yay for soft-hearted villains!).

Of course, these are only generic catagories. Got any more? My ears-- and comment lines-- are open! Send in a suggestion!

Monday, April 16, 2012


So, this came up in English today during a class discussion about respect:

"I met a guy once who was just soooo annoying, I couldn't stand him. He just wouldn't stop talking, and said really dumb things, and I had to sit by him for, like, two months. Well, the more I sat with him the more I learned about his home life, and I realized that he had it really rough at home. So I guess my respect for him grew. He's still super annoying, but I respect him now, so I think it's important for people to know what that person is going through to get why they're so annoying, so you can respect them."

The girl who said this had a really good point, but class was over before I could rebute it. It's not exactly fair to ask to know everyone's home life in order to respect them, now is it? You don't know what they're going through for a reason. I mean, how many people would go around with a giant Post-It note on their forehead screaming, "MY DAD EMOTIONALLY ABUSES ME" or "MY SISTER JUST COMMITTED SUICIDE"? For one, it's kind of a sore subject. Two, we don't want pity, or people saying they're sorry or that they understand-- which, more likely than not, they don't. But it's also like a weakness, a secret we have to keep. If people knew about it and wanted to hurt us, talking about it is probably the way to go. It's something that makes us look weak or pathetic-- or, at the very least, like we need someone to feel sorry for us. We don't. We're like the way we are because that's how we grew up, that's the way it is.

Respect. As far as I see it, you get 50% respect level. If you do bad, it lowers. If you do good, it raises. Everyone deserves some measure of respect, but they can't expect you to give it just because they're superior or older or whatever. At the same time, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Yeah, someone may be annoying, or they may talk all the time about the silliest little things-- but maybe that's because at home, they don't get to talk. Ever. And you don't have to know if that's true or not. You just have to give them the benefit of the doubt, because pushing them to admit something they want to keep a secret isn't fair.

SO. That's my two cents. Got an opinion? Feel free to hit me up! I'm all ears. :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Getting to Know You

Yo! So my good friend Haley wanted to interview me, and I realized that you guys could get to know me a little better through these things, too. And I love interviews. ^_^ SO! Getting to Know You, Round One!

1.      Your name? Jasmine Brown

2.      Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Well, I'm five-foot-five, African-American/Filipino/Hispanic/ScotchIrish, with short dark brown hair and glasses. My hair is straight right now. Um, I'm a bit sarcastic, and I like to crack witty jokes. I'm a witty person.

3.      Do you have any published books? Nope. But I'm getting there.

4.      Tell me about your books. Okay, well, the first one I ever completed was "Oops". It's about a boy named Rocky, a rock star (yes, it's hilarious, I know) who gets kidnapped by ex-gang member Maya and her sister, Nani. Action, adventure, humor... the first in a trilogy. I like trilogies. The second book is "Between a Rock". And my other one is "The Lucky One"... or "Harm's Way", I haven't decided on the title yet.

5.      When did you first start writing? Since I was… oh, six or seven.

6.      What was your first book? Technically, my first book was a fanfiction (yes, I’m one of THOSE authors). It was a Hardy Boys story, and it was a lot of fun to write. Considering I was, like, nine when I wrote it, it was pretty terrible, but fun nonetheless!

7.      How did you choose the genre you write in? I actually have jumped around in my genres, from mystery/thriller to action/adventure to sci-fi to fantasy/supernatural… I just really love fast paced, humorous, fun adventure books.

8.      Where do you get your ideas? Everywhere. For Oops, one of my friends (Danielle) was writing a book on gangs and when she stopped I really longed to continue that plot line, so I wrote a little something where an ex-gang member is forced back into the job for some strange reason. And—ta-da!—Oops was written.

9.      Do you ever experience writer’s block? Doesn’t everybody?

10.  Do you work with an outline, or just write? Both. No matter how much research you do or organization you plan, step by step by step, the plot always mutates and you tend to stray from your original ideas, and that’s okay.

11.  Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult? I loved Anthony Horowitz and his Diamond Brothers series (and his Gatekeepers series). The Diamond Brothers because it was a mystery series and it was just so funny while at the same time it was thrilling and intriguing. And the Gatekeepers because it was creepy! So good! As I grew older, James Patterson rose as my favorite author, next to Rick Riordan (of course) and Ally Carter, both for their ability to incorporate humor into a usually scary scenario.

12.  Can you tell us about your upcoming book? Well, it still doesn’t have a title (anybody wanna help me with that?) but it’s about a girl named Sophia who is so bored one summer day that she buys a book that tells her how to separate her soul from her body—like astral projection. So she tries it, and when she wakes up it’s fifty years in the future. Humans have discovered that ghosts are real and ‘hunt’ them for both fun and profit. She also finds out that her parents cryogenically stored her body, so if she can just reach it before either the ghosts recruit her to fight in an upcoming war between humans and ghosts, or the humans catch her and vaporize her, she will be able to reclaim it. It’s adventure/humor/sci-fi/supernatural, which is an odd combination, and I’m excited for it.

13.  Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination? I’ve always believed in the supernatural. Love thinking that I’m psychic or that ghosts are present, plus, I’ve had so many experiences I can’t count them all on one hand. Most of it is off of my imagination, though, yes.

14.  What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why? I love the part where she wakes up and nothing makes sense to her. Everyone’s freaked out because she’s more powerful than a regular ghost (considering she’s not actually dead), and the first meeting between her and Eli is just priceless.

15.  What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment? To just write how I write, not anyone else. It’s so hard to distinguish yourself between your favorite authors, when you look at your work and just think it’s not good enough and you want to compare it to Rick Riordan’s, or Sherrilyn Kenyon’s, or James Patterson’s. But your writing is your writing, and if it’s good it’s good. The best compliment… I wrote an earthquake survival story and one of my readers commented and told me that she forced her husband—who was a Medical First Responder—to sit down and read it with her, and he said that it was really accurate. That was huge for me, because I’ve never experienced an earthquake and for all of my research I couldn’t find accurate procedures that First Responders use, so it was a huge compliment from her, and from him, that my story was accurate despite my lack of research. She also said that the emotional viewpoint from my crush victim was spot-on. I just love sharing my writing with people and making them feel the way I feel when I read a really food book.

16.  Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers? Don’t procrastinate. It’s the biggest killer. That’s what gives you writer’s block. And don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right the first try. If you believe in it, it’ll happen. Don’t give up and keep trying. J.K. Rowling got rejection letters on Harry Potter when she first started out, and now she’s famous for creating one of the most popular series in writing history. So keep at it!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So, a friend of mine passed away. He's been fighting a losing battle with leukemia the last few months, and about two hours ago he ended it.

He was twelve.

I don't want to be a downer, but suicide is... touchy for me. I'm angry at him. And at myself. Never once, no matter how bad my life got, did I consider taking my own life. Of course, I also wasn't diagnosed with cancer, or forced to defend the illness over the internet like James. But he had people who cared about him. I cared about him. And so many people who loved him are looking desperately for people to blame-- the haters who ragged on him and the rest of us who tried to support him through our fanfiction stories, themselves, or anyone.

Never think for one second that you are not strong enough. Do I know you? Nope. But I know that everyone can fight through it, as long as you don't give up.

James gave up.

So freaking easily. I'm not going to be a hypocrite, or judgmental, but there is absolutely nothing that can justify what he did to himself-- and to all of us. I'm telling you right now: don't you ever take your own life. You might be on the brink. You might feel like no one cares, might want to test that theory, but don't. People care about you. People love you. If you feel like no one else does, then by all means, come to me. I'll care. You think your life is bad? Let's trade stories. I bet mine beats yours.

Death is natural for everyone. James beat his leukemia into recession a month ago. He shouldn't have had to commit suicide so soon after that brush with death. I'm telling you right now: it's just. Not. Fair. So please. If you feel like you need to be heard and suicide is the only way to do it, please talk to me. I want to know. I want to help you. And I want my twelve-year-old author friend to come back and believe that he could live. He never will. But you can.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Happy Easter, everyone!

I'm not all that religious-- Deist, actually-- so I don't usually follow events in the Bible. But this day is special to me, mostly because of tradition. I grew up on traditions. What can I say? I'm a traditionalist. In any case, my stepdad is also a traditionalist. He likes to hide little plastic eggs around the house for me and my brother (he's fourteen) to find. The catch? There's no candy involved. In each egg, there's a trivia question that we have to answer. And if we answer it correctly, we get money! Sweet, right? 'Course, it's not the money I like the most about it. Our tradition is unique and special and pretty much the one thing I can be sure of than any other holiday, mostly because my parents are divorced and I never know what each are doing for that particular holiday.

But anyways. Feel free to send me your Easter traditions! Do you egg hunt? Egg dye? Egg other houses, what? Or, if you don't celebrate Easter, why? I love hearing from people. ^_^

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Kid in Town

What's up? The name's Jasmine, AKA CinderScoria. For those of you wondering, Cinder and Scoria are two names of the same rock-- you know, that really pretty red one with the holes in it you can usually find on the side of driveways in those rock piles? Anywho, my good friend Pink, AKA Annika, AKA PR Golden has this epic blog, Writing Beyond the Moon, that inspired me to make my own blog. Obviously, I'm kinda really new at it, so if you could, like, not laugh, that'd be great. *beams*
What can I tell you about me... I'm a writer and a reader, as you can (hopefully) tell by my header. I will read everything but Stephen King and romance. I like my happy endings, thank you very much, and as for romance... I'll believe it when I see it. You can find the books I've written and/or are working on in the My Books tab at the top. I'm also an avid music lover. I can play the piano and I am re-learning how to play guitar, aaand I sing. Naturally. I listen to all genres of music, although my favorites are probably old school R&B and country. Yep, I'm weird. Also, crazy! I'm very proud of being crazy, too!

I'll give this blogging thing a go, since I do write TONS and I talk even more. Hope you enjoyed this tidbit! Till next time, happy writing, everyone!

~ Cinder