My Books

The Lucky One
Summary: Lucky Freeman is not very lucky. In fact, despite him being the son of one of Seattle’s richest businessman, he’s had more near-death experiences than James Bond. So when his sweet sixteen begins with a bang—literally—it’s nothing to get excited about. It’s when he’s “kidnapped” by the hot new girl and his longtime driver and taken to a camp for renegade rebels when he starts worrying. Apparently he’s not as human as he thought he was—having an angel for a mother and a demon for a father makes him a blip on any Supernatural’s radar within a hundred mile radius. And to top it all off, Lucky’s powerful enough to end the war between angels and demons for good. The catch? He kind of has to die in order to do it.
Note: This was the first NaNovel I ever wrote. And it's finished, now in the fine-tuning/querying stage!
The Last Seraphim
Summary: Lucky Freeman's day was going great up until he was attacked by skinwalkers. Turns out there's a bounty on all seraphim's heads, and that's the least of Lucky's problems considering he isn't much of a seraph to begin with. When he's invited--or threatened--to attend a mandatory meeting of the mysterious and elusive Seraphim Circle, there's really not much of a choice. Especially since, with any luck, his mother might be there.
Getting there is easy. Getting out, not so much. And even though Lucky's immortal, his death is rapidly approaching, and the prophecy, no matter how hard he tries to fight it, will come true one way or another.
NOTE: Book Two, sequel to The Lucky One. I'm writing it now.


Summary: World famous teenage rockstar Rocky Nelson has just been kidnapped by two girls who really don't know what they're doing, while his brothers hire an idiot detective to track him down. Escaping should be easy, except for the tiny fact that he may or may not have developed a whacko sort of Stockholm Syndrome on Maya, the "leader", and the fact that gang members keep popping up and trying to kidnap him from his kidnappers. Just why would a twenty-year-old young woman abduct a rockstar? What is really going on behind his kidnapping? And why is it that the bad guy in the story... might not be so bad after all?
Note: This is the first original novel I've completed. It's also in the editing stage, but you can read the full unedited version HERE and the first few chapters of the edited version HERE.
Between a Rock
Summary: Four months is a long time. Not long enough, however, for Maya Rodriguez to escape the enigma that is Rocky Nelson. When the rock star swoops in one day to do some kidnapping of his own-- by claiming to be her "boyfriend," no less-- Maya's not sure it's a good idea to get re-involved after what happened the last time. You know, the k-word that never happened between the two of them? But despite how much she wants to, Maya can't run. Her brother is missing in action, Dawson is drawing nearer and nearer, and the pressure of being in the spotlight might cost her a lot more than her dignity-- it may put all of them in danger.
Note: Book Two of the Stay series (Book One was Oops). This has only two chapters... barely that, haha. Not done writing it, but if you'd like, you can check out the first two chapters HERE.

Death and Other Things I Fail At

Summary: Sophia Parker does some dangerous things when she’s bored—things like, say, accidentally separating her soul from her body one summer day after reading from a book she shouldn’t have. Now she’s stuck fifty years in the future, where mankind has discovered that ghosts are real and “hunt” them for sport—Sophia included.
The good news: Her body was cryogenically stored all the way across the country, and if she can just make it there in one piece, she’ll be able to reenter it and prove that she’s actually alive to all the people trying to kill her.
The bad news: Her only companions are the grumpy son of the world’s best ghost hunter and a girl who would rather blast Sophia to smithereens than help her reach freedom.

Not to mention the ghosts who really are dead want Sophia to help them overthrow the human race and kill every hunter in existence. Staying alive just took on a whole new meaning.
Note: This is my 2012 NaNovel. It's finished but definitely put on the back burner until I get TLO trilogy out of the way. Companion to Leilani Lives.
Leilani Lives

Summary: Leilani... isn’t doing well. Her best friend dropped brain dead in the middle of the street, she’s failing every single one of her AP classes, and she may or may not be suicidal. Waking up in some warped version of medieval Spain after getting hit by a car is not on the agenda for getting through to the next day. Her having the power to protect everyone in the kingdom from an evil, suffocating darkness is just downright inconvenient.

Leilani doesn’t want to be here. She especially doesn’t want people depending on her to get them through to the next day. But life moves on, with or without her–and sometimes it’s harder to live for something than it is to die for it.
Note: It's unwritten save for bits and pieces. Actually planning on turning this into a webcomic. Companion to Death and Other Things I Fail At.

Way to Kill

Summary: Zombie apocalypse? No problem—not when you’re born into the life of shotguns and flesh-eating creatures intent on devouring your brains. For Riley Anderson, killing zombies is as normal as breathing air, and she’s been doing it straight for seventeen years.
However, zombies—mindless, soulless, no-sense-of-direction-but-the-smell-of-food zombies—kidnapping Riley’s parents after a siege? Not normal. Not even close.
As Riley and her friends, old and new, race to get her parents back, even stranger things happen, raising questions Riley’s never had to think about.

Is someone controlling the zombies? If so, why did they want Riley’s parents? And if it’s possible to control the minds of creatures that used to be pure-bloods like Riley… is it possible to change them back?
Note: This is a standalone, not included in my TLO universe.