Sunday, April 8, 2012


Happy Easter, everyone!

I'm not all that religious-- Deist, actually-- so I don't usually follow events in the Bible. But this day is special to me, mostly because of tradition. I grew up on traditions. What can I say? I'm a traditionalist. In any case, my stepdad is also a traditionalist. He likes to hide little plastic eggs around the house for me and my brother (he's fourteen) to find. The catch? There's no candy involved. In each egg, there's a trivia question that we have to answer. And if we answer it correctly, we get money! Sweet, right? 'Course, it's not the money I like the most about it. Our tradition is unique and special and pretty much the one thing I can be sure of than any other holiday, mostly because my parents are divorced and I never know what each are doing for that particular holiday.

But anyways. Feel free to send me your Easter traditions! Do you egg hunt? Egg dye? Egg other houses, what? Or, if you don't celebrate Easter, why? I love hearing from people. ^_^

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