Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You Know You're a Rusher When...

1. You know every word to every song
2. You quote from the TV show, even when no one gets it
3. You secretly long for a hockey helmet
4. You flip out when you hear one of their songs on the radio
5. You resent One Direction for being more famous than them (maybe that's just me...)
6. You begged your parents for tickets for a concert three states away
7. You screamed when they won "Favorite Band" in the KCA's
8. You follow them all on Twitter
9. Your favorite saying is "Haters gonna hate, Rushers gonna ELEVATE!"
10. You have to compete with your younger sisters on which guy you like
11. You want Katie as a younger sister
12. You want Gustavo as your bodyguard
13. You think Camille and Logan should just get together already
14. You think bromance is the coolest thing ever
15. You "bleep blap bloop" whenever you can't think of anything to say
16. You feel compelled to make inspiring speeches when things go horribly wrong
17. You secretly call your mean science teacher a Giant Turd
18. You can't end this list because there's too many things that go into being a Rusher

Yep, I'm a Rusher.


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