Thursday, June 28, 2012

And the Award Goes To...

Wow, this is incredibly belated. MY APOLOGIES. I just now found out what a Blog Award is. Haha I feel like a total newbie. :P

Thank you to Hedgehogs, AKA NevilleFan ( for tagging me with this thing. I hope I don't completely embarrass myself attempting to answer these questions correctly, lol, because I can honestly say I have no clue what I'm doing!

*rubs hands together* Let's do this!

The Rules
  1. This award is for book bloggers only. To receive this award the blog must be at least 50% about books. (Reading or writing is okay.)
  2. Along with receiving this award, you must also share your top five favorite books you have ever read. (More than five is okay.)
  3. You must give this award to 5-10 other lucky book blogs you adore.
  1. The Chronicles of Nick series by Sherrilyn Kenyon
  2. The Heroes of Olympus (Percy Jackson and the Olympians included) series by Rick Riordan
  3. The Hardy Boys series by Franklin W. Dixon
  4. The Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter
  5. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
Yep. Teens put in weird situations in modern day time... that's me in a nutshell. Oh, and I also happen to like symbology professors whose knowledge gets them in trouble. *happy sigh*

Uh... I don't really follow a lot of blogs, so...

1. The Leaning Tower of Plot -- Charley Robson
2. Writing Beyond the Moon -- Annika
3. Further Up and Further In -- Kylie
4. This Page Left Intentionally Blank -- Liam
5. A Story of a Dreamer -- Amy

So there we have it! Wow. I actually made it through that unscathed. I FEEL ACCOMPLISHED.


And now for a blog-relevant post! I get to go mentor some middle schoolers on the art of novel writing.

The catch?

I have no idea what I'm dong.

OKAY, LIE, I have SOME idea. Maybe an inkling. I'm kind of nervous because, well, this program is five weeks long and I have to somehow get my charges to write and complete and edit an entire novel within that time period. It's like NaNoWriMo, except worse because I'm not actually the one writing. They are.

*headdesk* I feel like this is going to be a total disaster... I meet my middle schoolers today, so wish me luck. In my experience they're rowdy, crazy, mean (at times) and have a hard time paying attention to anything. Of course, it's a challenge, and I think we all know how much I like challenges.

So I made a game plan on what to work on when I meet my charges. I really don't want to steer them wrong-- I've only written two novels in my lifetime. I really want to be a good role model and help these kids out.

Anyway, I'll be meeting them at three today, so, wish me luck. :P

Till next time, people!

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