Sunday, July 8, 2012

Breaking Hearts

Hehe I am soooo not a romance person... Despite this, my writing always seems to have a sprinkling of romance in it. What can I say? I'm a fan of the guy getting the girl. So I decided I haven't written any posts that have specifically to do with writing, so this is me. Doing that.
Right. On with it.

My favorite romantic archetype is the love-hate relationship. I know, it's horribly cliche, but when done right it's simply adorable! And by "done right" I mean not having a "boy meets girl, girl hates boy, something happens and then they make out" plotline. C'mon, people, when does anything work like that?

I like twisting cliches. In my book Oops, Maya kidnaps Rocky, so naturally they should hate each other. But after the many times Maya saves Rocky's life, he falls for her hard. It's Maya who has a hard time admitting her feelings about Rocky. See-- a love-hate relationship! A fun one, if you're asking me!
In Death and Other Things I Fail At, Sophia and Eli have an awkward relationship-- she posesses him (literally) and he hates her for doing so. Not to mention, Eli likes Kari but she doesn't give him the time of day. It's another one of those love-hate relationships that sort of makes sense but doesn't at the same time. I like the idea that falling in love is a slow process, one that should last either the entire book or the entire series (like Maya and Rocky's relationship. Or Lucky and Ava's).


It's probably one of the reasons I despised the Peeta/Katniss relationship. How many ups and downs can you have in one series? I mean, LITERAL ones? First she hated him and he loved her, then she pretended to like him and he still loved her, then he found out and hated her, then she had to pretend again, and then-- dude, my brain can only take so much.


Like I said, I'm not a romantic expert. Never had a boyfriend, let alone a first date or breakup. Or a first kiss for that matter. But those are sentimental things to me, y'know? So love should be sentimental. It should mean something, not only be a plot device to move the story along.

What about you guys? Got any romantic preferences? Hit me up!


  1. I've grown rather fond of the love-hate relationship-when its done right.
    It can be very adorable, like Lucky's and Ava's/*cough*Jasmine*cough*, and in my current novel there's a love-hate relationship.

    I get bored, really, when the relationship is so 'perfect' and they 'never' argue. So, that is probably my favorite relationship, though i don't like it when they are just so mean to each its hard to imagine. Like Freddie/Sam in Icarly. Never liked that one. Too much hating.

    And wow, that was a long comment.xP

  2. @Avvie:

    Lucky and Jasmine's relationship is SO NOT love/hate... Because there is no love there, you see? *stomps foot* NOT. HAPPENING.

    Yeah, I see that... Sam was seriously not nice. :P My favorite love/hate relationships in fiction are probably Hiccup/Astrid, Deeks/Kensi (from NCIS: LA), Artemis/Wally, Eddie/Patricia... lots of others. :P