Friday, July 20, 2012

Everybody's Got a Dark Side

So did you hear about the shooting in Colorado? At the Dark Knight Rises midnight premire? Who hasn't, right?

I'm going to see that stupid movie in a few minutes.

Yay. (/sarcasm)

Nah, I'm kidding. I doubt anything'll happen, but it just adds extra tension, doesn't it? I gotta say, as horrified as I am at what that psycho did (he called himself "The Joker"? Really?), the author in me is freaking out. It's totally something from out of a James Patterson novel! The guy just LET himself get arrested by the cops after shooting a bunch of people and flooding the theatre with tear gas? Doesn't that raise a huge red flag in your brain? I mean, he must've been planning something like that for a long time. It went off, if you were that crazy guy, without a hitch. Then he lets himself get caught. Can anybody else hear the warning bells?

I dunno, I just feel like, if he were a character in my book, there would be something else going on. Some other part of his plan that hasn't been put into effect yet. Which is why I'm so nervous about going tonight. Who knows how many other crazy people were inspired by The Joker's massacre?

So if I don't post in, I dunno, the next week or so, assume I've been shot. :P Okay, kidding-- there might not be anything happening tonight. Maybe I can just enjoy the movie and forget about The Joker.


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