Wednesday, July 25, 2012

That Wednesday Thing

Whoops, forgot to tell you guys I'm alive! Well, ta-da, I survived the movie experience (although I'm not sure if I really did-- I just about died three dozen times throughout). And now it's Wednesday-- writing day!

This theme is from last week because it's the only one that caught my eye, haha. It's technically the bonus, because the other one was a bit long, but anyway, here we go!

"Write a scene in which two characters with the same name, but very different personalities, interact."


Sam didn't think much of her name. It was short for Samantha, which is the girl version of Samuel, which she knew but didn't usually dwell on. Today, however, she'd been giving it a lot of thought. If her name hadn't been shortened to Sam, and her last name hadn't been Krypt, she probably wouldn't be in this mess.

So in actuality it was all her parents' fault.

"Oh, it's alright, don't try to help or anything," the boy next to her grunted, tugging against the chains binding his wrists.

"I'm thinking," Sam said calmly.

"How can you not be freaking out? Aren't you a girl?"

Sam felt a stir of annoyance at his claim and turned her head to give him a reproachful glare over her shoulder. "Seeing as we are both handcuffed to each other thought not in any immediate danger the situation calls for planning on how to get out of here. Which is what I'm doing."

The American-- she could tell by his lack of patience and his accent-- huffed and jerked his hands apart as if that would make the chain snap by force. It didn't.

Eventually he gave up, sighing heavily and leaning back against her. Sam took the silence to survey the dark room they were in. She didn't remember ever falling asleep but she'd woken here, cuffed to this annoying, haughty teenager her own age. The room was made of stone as far as she could see and it took some time for her eyes to adjust. At her back the boy shifted and continued to twist his wrists as if he couldn't bear to sit still.

"So," he said into the silence, sounding slightly awkward. "Do you know why we're here?"

"Because my name is Sam," Sam muttered under her breath.

The boy caught it. "Really? So's mine. Sam Crypt."

Sam rolled her eyes. "I figured. The man who grabbed me told me they'd finally found me. Sam Krypt. With a 'k'."

"Seriously?" The other Sam sounded surprised. "They went all the way to England to nab you?"

She let out a growl deep in her throat. "I'm Welsh."

"Sorry," Sam huffed behind her. "I didn't realize there was a distinction."

"Of course there is, you stupid Yank." Sam blew her blonde bangs out of her eyes, mostly in annoyance. "That's like calling you Canadian."


Sam longed for him to shut his mouth and help her think of a way out of here, but the boy seemed set on talking her ear off.

"So they went to Welsh--"


"Right, that. They went to Wales to grab you?"

Sam sighed. "I'm in America to visit my aunt."


He was incredibly talkative. Sam longed for him to shut up.

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  1. Ha! I just posted this today on my blog, without reading your prompt. It was a scene from a periodical story I'm gradually revealing, and two guys with the same name (they were distantly related, but what the hey) had a lovely little chat about changing the future. Rather fun to write.