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I'm on a roll with this keeping-up-with-Wednesday-Writings thing. ^_~

Today's prompt was courtesy of Figment's Daily Themes (as usual): "Look through your writing from the past week/month/year. Choose one of your favorite lines--something that really excites you, makes you curious, or is just so freaking good you can't believe you wrote it. Now begin an entirely new story (new characters, new plot, new setting) with that line."

A bit of langauge warning... I just read James Patterson, and I'm feeling like writing a thriller. xD So! Here we go?


Why'd he have to be so damn good?

Ivy groaned out loud. "This is why I partner with other girls." She yanked the steering wheel to the left, swerving across both lanes to land herself behind the target-- currently a wildly swerving car. She could see the alarmed eyes of the ex-Mossad agent in shotgun seat widening as they focused on her in the sideview mirror. Just to tick him off, Ivy took one hand off the wheel to flash him a tiny wave.

Even from here she could hear him yelling at the driver to go faster. Ivy snorted and shifted gears. "In a Jeep? I don't think so."

This, she figured, was all Wash's fault. Her new partner Travis Wash was reckless, sexist, and annoying as hell. And self-sacrificing, as she found out when he offered himself as a trade for their mission objective, the twelve-year-old Chinese girl currently sitting in the back of Ivy's Crown Victoria. That was fine and dandy, except he'd done so without Ivy's knowledge. So now Ivy had a preteen to babysit and a partner to save-- and she wasn't sure which job she hated more. Being easy on the eyes only got you so far with Ivy's fiery attitude.

"You okay?" she yelled back to Jade Cheng, daughter of Chinese-United States government liason Jian Cheng. American born, the girl flashed her a grin and a thumbs up as she fixed her crooked iPod earphones in her ears.

Ivy grinned at her spunk. Nice to know she didn't have to worry about the poor girl's sanity after this whole thing was over.

"You better hold on to something," she said as she slammed the gas pedal to the floor. Jade probably couldn't hear her through those headphones, but she got the gist, grabbing the handhold at the ceiling of the car to keep from falling over. Car horns honked at her and Ivy ignored them, coming up so fast on the Jeep she had to slow down before she went from tailgating them to being bumper buddies with them.

She barely remember to throw on her turn signal before she pulled into the lane beside the Jeep, speeding so she came along side it. The ex-Mossad agent pulled a gun and Ivy braked. The three bullets sped past her face. Ivy pulled her own gun.

"Head down!" she commanded at Jade, who obeyed.

Ivy steadied the wheel with her left hand and aimed with her right, barely blinking as she sent a shot into the Israeli's forehead. He slumped forward, giving her a look at the driver.

"CIA!" she shouted at him, trying to point the gun and drive at the same time. "Pull the vehicle over now and put your hands up!"

That never worked. Sure enough, the driver sneered at her and the Jeep pulled away for a second. They were approaching ninety miles per hour. Ivy didn't think a Jeep could go that fast-- and if one did, it probably wouldn't be for long.

"Hope you've got your seatbelt on, kid," she muttered aloud. Ivy pushed the toe of her combat boots further to the floor, the car responding beautifully like every CIA-issued vehicle. Shooting the driver would probably not be smart-- not if Wash were in there. So Ivy squinted, focused on the Jeep's tires, and fired.


With the slightest hiss, the Jeep's front tire exploded and it swerved to the right, straight into Ivy's lane. Ivy braked and the Jeep missed them by a foot and a half, screeching across the second lane before careening to a stop in the middle of the third lane. Car horns honked, tires screeched, and Ivy watched in amusement as people fought to avoid hitting it.

She stopped her own car without much trouble, grabbed Jade's hand, and pulled her out of the Crown Vic.

"You know how to just stand there and look pretty, right?" she warned. "Don't do anything."

"No big," Jade said, popping the bubble gum in her mouth. Ivy shook her head. It was a wonder she didn't bite her tongue during that chase.

"CIA!" she shouted, approaching the Jeep. "Come out! Hands up!"

"It's alright, English, I got him." Wash's voice sounded tired, but no less annoying. He kicked, and the back door to the car popped open.

Ivy holstered her weapon and gave him a hand out.

"What took you so long?" he asked, grinning.

"I'm here, aren't I?"

"Yeah, but you're late."

Ivy rolled her eyes and turned back to Jade. "Alright then, next time I'll leave you in the trunk and you can go have fun being interrogated by ex-Mossad."

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